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Portrait Miniature Pendant with 14K Gold Bale

Portrait Miniature Pendant with 14K Gold Bale

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Antique Portrait Miniature Pendant - Exquisite 19th Century Artwork*

This charming antique portrait miniature pendant captures the delicate beauty and grace of a young girl, meticulously hand-painted in the 19th century.

The oval-shaped pendant features a finely detailed portrait, showcasing the artist's skill in capturing the subject's serene expression and flowing golden hair adorned with a subtle blue headband. The girl is depicted wearing an elegant white off-the-shoulder dress with intricate lace details, highlighting the period's fashion.

Encased in a classic brass frame with a 14K twisted loop for a chain or ribbon, this piece serves not only as a stunning piece of jewelry but also as a cherished historical artifact. The pendant's petite size makes it perfect for wearing close to the heart or displaying as a collectible item. Its timeless elegance and the captivating portrait make it a wonderful gift for collectors of antique jewelry or lovers of fine art.

- Height: 2
- Width: 1.5

Condition: Excellent vintage condition with minimal signs of wear, preserving the integrity of the portrait and frame.

Add a touch of historical elegance to your collection with this exquisite antique portrait miniature pendant, a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

The chain shown is not included, but available in another listing!
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