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Rose Cut Diamond Flower Ring Late Georgian to Early Victorian

Rose Cut Diamond Flower Ring Late Georgian to Early Victorian

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Late Georgian/Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Flower Ring

Discover timeless elegance with this exquisite Late Georgian/Early Victorian rose cut diamond flower ring. This captivating piece features meticulously hand-cut rose diamonds, each foil-backed to enhance their unique, multi-faceted sparkle. The foil backing amplifies the light, creating a dazzling brilliance that is truly mesmerizing. The pastel hues in these diamonds are absolutely breathtaking!

Artfully arranged in a delicate floral design, these diamonds evoke the grace and sophistication of the era. The ring is set in a harmonious blend of 10K gold and silver, perfectly balancing durability with refined beauty. The silver setting enhances the brilliance of the diamonds and creates a stunning contrast.

Whether you're a collector of antique jewelry or searching for a statement piece with historical charm, this rose cut diamond flower ring is an enchanting addition to any collection. Embrace a piece of history and let its timeless allure adorn your hand for years to come!

Size 3.25 and sizable
Over a one carat face up of diamonds, not inclusive collet settings.
Entire ring face is 15mm
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