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Vintage Sapphire Trilogy Ring

Vintage Sapphire Trilogy Ring

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Vintage Sapphire Trilogy Ring

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our vintage-inspired ring, a true embodiment of sophistication. Crafted in lustrous 10K yellow gold, this exquisite piece features three meticulously created oval sapphires, each a captivating focal point that exudes grace and allure.

The vintage charm is further enhanced by delicate diamond accents, strategically set to add a touch of brilliance and refinement. With its combination of rich yellow gold, vibrant, lab created sapphires, and sparkling diamonds, this ring is a tribute to classic beauty and enduring style.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this vintage ring a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary grace.

10K White and Yellow Gold
Created Sapphire

Currently size 6.5 and sizable

**What is a created sapphire?**

A created sapphire, also known as a lab-created or synthetic sapphire, is a gemstone that is produced in a laboratory setting rather than being formed naturally in the Earth's crust. Despite its synthetic origin, a created sapphire shares the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a natural sapphire. Through advanced technological processes, scientists can replicate the conditions under which sapphires naturally grow, resulting in gemstones that often exhibit exceptional clarity and color. Created sapphires offer an ethical and more affordable alternative to their natural counterparts while maintaining the beauty and durability associated with this precious gemstone.
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