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Zambian Emerald Ring in Diamond Halo

Zambian Emerald Ring in Diamond Halo

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Zambian Emerald in 14K Yellow Gold

Elevate your style with our 14K Yellow Gold Ring, a radiant piece that seamlessly marries sophistication and natural beauty. The focal point of this exquisite ring is a Zambian emerald, expertly set east-west for a modern twist on classic elegance. The vibrant green gem is embraced by a delicate diamond halo, adding a touch of sparkle that complements the rich hue of the emerald.

Crafted in lustrous 14K yellow gold, the ring exudes warmth and timeless charm. The east-west setting of the Zambian emerald brings a contemporary flair to this otherwise classic design, making it a unique and eye-catching accessory. Revel in the fusion of luxury and nature with this meticulously crafted ring a celebration of Zambian emerald's allure and the enduring elegance of yellow gold.

The emerald measures 7mm x 5mm
Size 8.75 and sizable
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