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Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Ring

Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Ring

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Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Ring

Discover timeless elegance with this exquisite Edwardian Era ring, featuring a captivating created ruby and dazzling diamonds set in a blend of 18K gold and platinum.

The centerpiece is a vivid, synthetic red ruby, radiating warmth and passion, flanked by two sparkling rose-cut diamonds that exude classic brilliance.

The intricate design, adorned with delicate milgrain detailing, reflects the sophisticated craftsmanship of the early 20th century.

This antique ring is a testament to enduring beauty and makes a perfect heirloom piece or a statement accessory for any special occasion.

Created Ruby measures 7mm x 5mm (approximately 1.5 carats).

The two rose cut diamonds measure 5mm each, a face up of .50 carats each.

The shank is 18K gold, with a small portion testing as 14K from a previous sizing.

Currently size 8.25 and sizable

*What is synthetic ruby?*

A synthetic ruby is a gemstone that has been created in a laboratory setting, mimicking the physical, chemical, and optical properties of natural rubies. The process of creating synthetic rubies dates back to the late 19th century, when French chemist Auguste Verneuil developed the flame fusion process, also known as the Verneuil process, in 1902. This method involves melting aluminum oxide powder with chromium (the element responsible for the ruby's red color) and then allowing it to crystallize into synthetic ruby.

The historical significance of synthetic rubies is considerable. Their creation marked a breakthrough in gemology and materials science, making high-quality rubies more accessible and affordable. Synthetic rubies played a crucial role in various technological advancements, including their use in the early development of lasers. The first successful laser, created in 1960 by Theodore Maiman, used a synthetic ruby crystal as its gain medium.

In the jewelry industry, synthetic rubies provided an alternative to natural rubies, which are rare and often prohibitively expensive. This democratized access to ruby jewelry, allowing more people to enjoy the beauty of this precious gemstone. While synthetic rubies are visually identical to natural rubies, they are typically sold at a lower price due to their man-made origin.
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