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Antique Gold and Agate Chess Fob

Antique Gold and Agate Chess Fob

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Discover a rare, antique 9-carat gold chess fob, masterfully carved with fleur-de-lis embellishments.
This timeless piece showcases an era's meticulous craftsmanship, merging the essence of chess with the regal allure of the fleur-de-lis. Its lustrous finish makes it a treasured heirloom for both chess enthusiasts and antique aficionados.

The agate at the base of the fob is un-carved and in excellent condition!

Hallmarked for 9ct gold, but tests as high as 14K

1.5 long

Layaway is available and conducted through PayPal. Please send a message if youd like to set up a payment plan!

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