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Vintage Nefertiti Charm In 14K Yellow Gold

Vintage Nefertiti Charm In 14K Yellow Gold

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Vintage Nefertiti Charm In 14K Yellow Gold

Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen who lived during the 14th century BC. She was the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who is famous for introducing the monotheistic religion of Atenism to Egypt.

Nefertiti is perhaps best known for her iconic bust, which was discovered in 1912 and is now on display at the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany. The bust is considered one of the most famous works of ancient Egyptian art.

Nefertiti played an important role in the religious and political changes that took place during her husband's reign. She was also known for her beauty and is often depicted in artwork with a distinctive elongated neck and high cheekbones.

Despite her prominence during her lifetime, much of Nefertiti's life remains shrouded in mystery. It is unclear what happened to her after her husband's death, and her tomb has never been found. Nevertheless, Nefertiti remains one of the most recognizable and intriguing figures from ancient Egypt.

This vintage charm is 25mm from top to bottom, including the bale, and weighs an easy-to-wear 1.1 grams.

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